Aelintra Telecom Ltd


Aelintra was founded in 2005 to address some of the shortcomings of Asterisk based workbenches available at the time. Aelintra's PBX, "SARK", is unique in the industry in that it uses a C code based logic and switching engine which, among other things, allows it to initiate and tear down calls much faster and more efficiently than competing script-based solutions.   This makes it an ideal choice in low resource systems such as small embedded ARM based platforms and high call rate systems running on 64 bit Intel processors.     

Wherever you find interesting or challenging Asterisk PBX requirements you''ll find Aelintra. Our platforms; SARK; and its free-to-download open source equivalent; SAIL; have been in continuous development since 2005 and they have an extremely wide feature set refined over many hundreds of complex real-world deployments.

Over the years we''ve delivered many diverse and complex systems. For example; in 2008 we installed 41 regional PBX's for an overseas police force. We've installed systems in some remote and beautiful places; how about a call centre on the Island of Orkney or a high-availability system for a large secure housing community in Durban RSA? In 2009 we seamlessly connected legacy PBXs across 8 countries and two continents for an international legal firm. Last year we delivered a high-availability distributed system to take calls over a single telephone number and intelligently route them from the centre to a network of in-store PBXs for a well-known international fast-food chain. We've also installed complex multi-tenant systems into large business parks at several major UK Sites and we provide Class 5 switching for an innovative microwave based VoIP telephony offering on the Spanish mainland.

In addition to these high-profile projects we have hundreds of regular PBX installs quietly handling VoIP and TDM calls for their users, usually at much lower cost than our big-name competitors.